Threat Detection

KR02 Lead: IT Innovation Centre

Tool that provides an automated analysis of data structures in order to identify sensitive elements that may be vulnerable to specific threats.

KR02 aims to analyse the flaws and weaknesses of data structures used for the storage and exchange of especially clinical data, so as to identify sensitive elements that may be exposed to threats.

Market assessment:

While working on the market assessment of commercial tools similar to the one described here, SHiELD partners have found out that no such tool is available on the market, at least not for the eHealth domain. Commercializing such tool would provide SHiELD partners with a competitive advantage in the eHealth security market.

Route to the market:

This tool will be offered as SaaS. Freemium. Certain core functionalities will be offered free. The premium schema may charge per volume of data that can be analysed, number of tables, etc.


Developers and operators, Healthcare providers, ICT providers for the health sector, Public sector.

Success criteria:

The analysis will be used during the design phase for the exchange infrastructure and used for the SHiELD pilots to ensure identification of sensitive data. Data identified as sensitive will be traced during the pilots to ensure its privacy and access rights requirements are kept.

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