Secure API


SHiELD open architecture and open secure interoperability API.

KR04 is composed of an open specification, enabling other implementers to replicate the SHiELD approach. This open architecture will be accompanied by an open secure interoperability API, which shall be a set of specifications for deriving requirements which will include the security features and will provide data as services to be adapted to citizens´ and healthcare providers’ expectations. Security requirements will take into consideration areas such as consent, data protection, device security and system security. The open specification will allow any member state to adopt the approach and to offer their citizens and healthcare providers the possibility for accessing their health data from other countries.

Market assessment:

ePSOS and OpenNCP will be used as starting point for this KR. The open release of the architecture and the secure interoperability API will only benefit the eHealth community. Similar projects will develop a similar interoperability API that can only complement the one develop in SHiELD. Partners of SHiELD will seek to join efforts with similar projects from the call in order to reach a wider audience and have a better outreach and uptake.

Route to the market:

Open architecture and open API, Consultancy.


Healthcare providers, ICT providers for the health sector, Public sector, citizens.

Success criteria:

SHiELD architecture will be implemented and used for the SHiELD pilots to facilitate the exchange of the patients’ data. The use of this open specification, extending OpenNCP modules, will provide a common method for different states to access to the previous connected states improving this way the Europeans health assistance while moving through the borders.

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