Privacy Tool

KR07 Lead: IBM Research - Haifa

Privacy tool.

KR07 monitors the data access attempts to ensure that only valid requests are accepted and only the data that is really needed is provided (e.g. providing statistically aggregated data or anonymized data where that is sufficient). This tool also logs requests to data and the level of access granted for tracking and reporting purposes.

Market assessment:

This information but do not take into account the specific need of that information, or the possibility of offer only de minimum level of data required. Up to the knowledge of the consortium and during the market analysis performed for this tool, no similar tools were found in the market. This provides leverage to SHiELD partners.

Route to the market:

Freemium. Certain functionalities will be retained as proprietary after a careful analysis is done in WP7.


ICT service providers, Cloud (Infrastructure) providers.

Success criteria:

Incorporating privacy protection mechanisms within the SHiELD architecture to achieve improved protection of personal information as well as compliance with data protection regulations in health care.

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